Thiel Audio is no more. The last incarnation of the company that bore Jim Thiel's name, abandoned all of the loudspeaker design principles laid out by  him, and set a course, perhaps predictably, that led to its own undoing.


CS6 in Review

The CS6 is my favorite Thiel speaker.  CS6s provide the satisfying deep bass that is lacking in the smaller Thiel models.  The CS6s sacrifice little in terms of bandwidth and output capability to the larger CS7s, which cost about one-and-a-half-times as much, and the CS6s sound slightly more coherent and open to me. 

CS2.4 in Review

In an industry riddled with overpriced and underperforming components, a speaker like this is a breath of fresh air.  While many magazine reviewers would have you believe that the carriage trade products they have on long-term loan are truly reference-quality, here’s a speaker that many people can actually afford (without a second mortgage) that’s demonstrably superior to those pretenders in a number of respects.


Louis Rossmann is a fan of Jim Thiel's loudspeaker designs. In the following video, he lays out his reasons for this, as well as, an impassioned reaction to the direction that the new owners have taken the company that bears Jim's name.


Richard Hardesty (1944-2014) created the Audio Perfectionist Journal as a way of cutting to the chaff of the carriage trade, and help listeners make informed decisions about their audio equipment purchases. It was presented as a series of reference manuals; a sort of Encyclopaedia Audiophilia. I purchased the lot in 2008, include the Watchdog issues, and have enjoyed going back to them, every now and again, to refresh some tidbit in my head. What follows, is his interview with Jim Thiel, which can be found in Journal #13, now freely available on the Vandersteen Audio site.


In the late Eighties, I had my heart set on a pair of tower speakers—much like a coworker's KEF 104/2. I was on a quest to replace the inferiority of the large rectangular boxes that fronted my own stereo with something more... elegant.